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Mint Your Moonie

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Welcome To The Club!


Minting a Moonie will cost 0.07 ETH (+ ETH Gas Fees) No price tiers

Connect Wallet

Please make sure to connect your wallet from a computer through metamask or

  1. Go to your MetaMask APP
  2. Click the Menu option in the top left of your APP
  3. When that Drops Down hit Browser
  4. Then search
  5. You will then Click the CONNECT WALLET BUTTON
  6. Once connected you will then click MINT
  7. Then your MOONIE will show up in your OPENSEA ACCOUNT!
  8. Mint a Moonie Today and Welcome to the Moonieverse!

Roadmap to Launch


(Why Join The Community)

Post mint we will be launching our web based Metamoon Launch Club Golf game that will allow you to win monthly prizes for high scores!

Holders will be a part of a family that loves Golf, Traveling, and NFTs

Holders will be members of the Metamoon Launch Club soon to be built in the Metaverse!

Holders will also have the chance to win exclusive golf trips, travel deals, and prizes every month moving forward once minting stage is complete!

Minters will have a chance to win ETH, Merchandise, Golf Sets, and a Custom Golf Cart

Lastly you will have fun being a part of the Metamoon Launch Club community! So join now and lets Tee off our community together!

About Us

MetaMoon Launch Club (MMLC) is an NFT project consisting of a collection of 10,000 unique Moonie NFT’s orbiting the Ethereum Blockchain. Minting your Moonie gives you access to collectible one-of-a-kind digital art, but more importantly, doubles as your membership pass to the exclusive MMLC community. Our intent is to host a community who work together to navigate and define our place in the Metaverse and beyond!

As membership ramps up, we plan to issue giveaways to our holders, merchandise, and access to exclusive golf events. Perks of membership will organically evolve as our community grows and our Moonies will have a say in what ventures we explore in the future! Join the Metamoon Launch Club and take your Moonshot! For more information, ask us anything or share your ideas on our discord!

Join Our Discord

The Clubhouse

The Metamoon Launch Club and its Moonies are an progressive group aiming to help guide each other through the Metaverse. Our goal is simple; add value to our holders through our offerings and build a strong community. With this, we will have the Moonie Community Fund. Towards that goal: our team has put together a pre-launch roadmap comprised of NFT, ETH and Apparel giveaways to give back to our community. The minting process as well as portion of revenue generated from merchandise sales and royalties will be used the establish the Moonie Community Fund, The Moonie Community Fund will be the source of funds that will be re-injected to the community for future giveaways and events to foster growth and development of the MMLC.

We have a lot of ideas we are working on to add value to the Moonie community such as golf events, full merchandise line, giveaways or (metaverse land, NFT Game). We want to continue to build and evolve together, so join the Moonie Community and you will have the opportunity to help shape our future! You'll be able to help decide how we use the Moonie Community Fund!

Event Access

Want to meet other Moonies? Just for holding you will receive invitations to our exclusive Metamoon Launch Clubs events and other exclusive meet-ups. We will be planning a special event for a select few of our early holders, Details to come!

Moonie Merch

We have some merch ready to go for our giveaways, but we plan to develop a full merchandise line for our Moonies! By holding a Moonie you will have exclusive access to limited edition merch. A percentage of all Moonie merch sales will also go towards the Moonie Community Fund.


Now and in the future we plan to us the Moonie Community fund to give away ETH, NFT’s from ours and other projects, and Moonie Merch.

And Beyond…

We have thrown a lot of fun, great ideas out amongst our team but we want to hear what the moonies want! Join our discord to share what we should do for the Moonie Community!

Team Moonie

The creators of MMLC were brought together through our love and passion for golf, crypto and NFT’s. We came together to put our skills to work to build the Moonie Community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetaMoon Launch Club?

MetaMoon Launch Club is a collection of unique NFT’s that will offer exclusive deals in and out of the metaverse.

Will there be a presale?

There will be presale raffles including cash prizes, NFT giveaways, and more.

When will I be able to MINT my METAMOON CLUBBER?

This will be determined by the following we have, more people you bring along, faster we mint.

Where can I view NFTs?

Once you have minted a Metaclubber NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

What can I do with my Metamoon Club NFT?

You can use your Metaclubber as a profile picture online. Your avatar is also metaverse-ready meaning you will be able to use it in the metaverse to attend our events.

Are there Secondary Royalties?

Yes, 10% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the treasury fund. These funds will be reinjected into the growth of the project through utilities development and large-scale marketing campaigns, which will result in increasing the value of your NFT.